Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of an Integrated CO-Odour Sensor for Grain Quality Monitoring 

This three year NSERC funded Strategic Research Grant, lead by Dr. Jayas and involving Drs. Freund, Thomson, Shafai and White is focused on developing conducting polymer based sensors for monitoring spoilage in grains.  The funding supports four graduate students working on various aspects of sensor design, testing and integration. 

Early identification of spoilage is key to maintaining the quality of grains.  Detection of respiration products - CO2 and other volatiles - is important for identifying the source of spoilage (insect, mold, fungus, etc.) and in turn the treatment method.

S. Neethirajan, M. S. Freund*, D. S. Jayas*, C. Shafai, D. J. Thomson, N. White: “Development of Carbon dioxide (CO2) Sensor for Grain Quality Monitoring” Biosys. Eng. 106: 395-404 (2010